WAG'n'Learn Class Information


Semi-Private Fee: Starting at $300**
**this is for one dog attending 4 classes with one other dog+handler team. Individual bookings.

Private Fee: Starting at $400***
***this is for 5 or 6 private lessons.



WAGGLES Puppy Preschool
(any breed, up to 12 weeks old)

Puppy Pre-School is specially designed for the brand new puppy and brand new puppy raisers. First sets of puppy Vaccines are required at least 7 days prior to attending first preschool class. This is a 4 week program and each session is 30 minutes. Your puppy will reliably learn name recognition, sit with hand signal & verbal cue, no biting!, what things are allowed in his mouth and what things are forbidden. You will enrich your bond with your baby dog while teaching true positive reinforcement training techniques.

Please contact us to register for WAGGLES Puppy Preschool. Group classes are on a weekly rotation. Preschool Lessons vary on their start times and are typically on Saturday mornings. Your trainer will discuss and confirm times with you. Students will receive their agenda upon registration.

Lesson 1: The "Name Game". When to use pup's name and when not to. Greeting Politely.
Lesson 2: Potty Training and Targeting ("go" on cue).
Lesson 3: "Leave it" and Biting Hurts!
Lesson 4: Basic puppy grooming and puppy massage.
Lesson 5: Age appropriate heel work, for early leash manners.

$190 includes GST, 5 preschool lessons, 4 x 1/2 hour PEPS, 1 x 1 hour WAGnPlay, and a WAGGLES school bag.

WAG'n'Learn: Adult Dog Refresher
(any breed, 6 months - into senior years)

This refresher program is for any dog and any handler who needs to re-capture basic cues and build from them. If you have a new adult dog in your family, such as a rescue dog, this would be the perfect program for you. Deepen your bond with your dog while your dog expands his intelligence. A confidence builder for both of you!

Fee: $300 + GST*

*this is for one dog attending 7 weeks of group classes with up to 10 dogs

WAG'n'Learn: Level 1
(any breed, any age, who needs to start with the basics)

Basic training for your Family Dog. In 5 weeks your pup will learn basics plus come, stay, impulse control and leash manners, all taught with verbal cues and hand signals. Not to mention tricks to impress!

Fee: $210 + GST*

*this is for one dog attending 5 weeks of group classes with up to 10 dogs

WAG'n'Learn: Level 2
(any breed, 6 months old and older)

Pre-Requisite WAG'n'Learn: Level 1

This 5 week program will add criteria to the Basics learned in Level 1. Such as stay with distractions, reliable recall, heel on leash and fun games to play with your dog.

Fee: $230 + GST*

*this is for one dog attending 5 weeks of group classes with up to 10 dogs

WAG'n'Learn: Level 3
(any breed, 10 months old and older)

Pre-requisite WAG'n'Learn: Level 2

Your mature pup and basic trained dog will increase their intelligence by adding criteria to basic cues. You will learn on and off leash cues; your dog will learn to focus on you and wait for your next cue; we will play dog games that will enrichen your bond with each other; and you'll learn a cool trick or two that'll be sure to impress.

Fee: $250 + GST*

*this is for one dog attending up to 6 weeks of group classes with up to 6 dogs


Pre-requisite: WAG'n'Learn Level 1 for Agility Level 1 | WAG'n'Learn Level 2 for Agility Level 2 | WAG'n'Learn Level 3 for Agility Level 3

For dogs tall and small, agility is about fun for all! Start fun foundation training with jumps, tunnels, gates, contact equipment and weaves.

For more details on our agility classes feel free to contact Crystal Chaput at agility@waggles.ca.

Fee: $160 + GST*

*this is for one dog attending 4 group classes.


Pre-requisite: WAG'n'Learn Level 2 for Rally-O beginner | WAG'n'Learn Level 3 + Rally-O beginner to advance in this incredibly fun program!

Mentally stimulating and physically enriching for all dogs and handlers. Glenna starts with fun foundation training and easy circuits. Then she secretly challenges and inspires each dog+handler through complex moves, circuits and strategies in the flow of Rally-O.

For more details on our Rally-O classes feel free to contact Glenna Spelrem via info@waggles.ca

Fee: *starts at $150 + GST*

*This is for one dog attending 4 group classes. *Private tutorials also available for booking.

WAG'n'Walk and WAG'n'Play Every Saturday (except NOT on long weekends)

WAG'n'Play is at WAGGLES from noon-1pm.
WAG'n'Walk is a group walk (on leash) May-October from 10am-11am | November-April from 3pm-4pm (with the exception of indoor DOGA replacing WAGnWalk in January).

Check out the schedule for dates and locations. Click on WAG'n'Play or WAG'n'Walk for more details.

Click here to view the schedule.

CONTACT US to register for any WAGGLES classes.