WAG'n'Play Information

WAG'n'Play at WAGGLES every Saturday (except NOT on long weekends) from noon-1pm. Refer to the schedule for details.

Past or currently enrolled students can bring their dog and watch them play and socialize indoors and out. Socializing is a critical life lesson for your dog... they will learn how to play safely and respectfully. Aggressive or overly-shy dogs may not attend these sessions. Inquire with us about the right program to suit your aggressive or overly-shy dog.

Suggested donation $5 per dog at WAG'n'Play. This program is exclusively for past & current socialized WAGGLES students ONLY!

PEP for Preschoolers takes place during WAG'n'Play until pups are 19 weeks old. WAG'n'Play is on Saturdays @ $5. No WAG'n'Play, or any other programs, on Long Weekends.

Scheduled every Saturday *first time attendees must contact Shar prior to attending WAG'n'Play

All breeds, all ages play from 12pm-1pm, every Saturday (excluding long weekends & Father's Day) IN THEIR OWN EXCLUSIVE PLAY SPACES!

Click here to view the schedule.

CONTACT US to register for any WAGGLES events or classes.