Meet the dog squad at WAGGLES Academy for Dogs

The Waggles Team thought it would be a great idea to showcase Jenny Langbehn's book '97 Ways to Make a Dog Smile' by performing some of her fantastic canine AND human smile inducing suggestions.

Get your copy of Jenny's book here and see if you and your dog can smile all 97 ways!

Shar trains dogs. And loves it! One-on-one training sessions or group classes, her goal is to meet her client's training goals. Their smiles and handshakes are her reinforcers. When new clients call in, it's always an honour to be chosen as their family's dog trainer - she works hard to include all members of the family when working with their pet dog. Making learning fun and enriching on both ends of the leash.

Shar likes to keep things interesting at WAGGLES. Events, seminars and socials are continuously on the schedule. The staff, also lovingly referred to as the Dog Squad, are a close knit team. Dedicated and hard-working makes the whole team at WAGGLES the most popular choice for training, walking and socializing the pet dog in Central Alberta. The motto here at WAGGLES HQ: "Happy Tails on Happy Trails"!

Trevor is passionate about making the training spaces and play areas clean and fun for the dogs who come to WAGGLES. As co-owner of WAGGLES Academy for dogs, he takes pride in the presentation of his property and plays many integral roles. He is our groundskeeper, IT man, Dog Taxi driver, (a.k.a fetcher & retriever) play time supervisor., treat dispenser, pond maintenance, mechanic, builder of things big and small ... and makes a mean cheesecake! The staff and clients of WAGGLES cannot say enough how much Trevor is valued and appreciated.

Chelsea has been loitering around WAGGLES since 2012. She started off as a client looking for help with training, and found a safe, fun and respectful home to learn more about working and of course, having fun with dogs. Chelsea has her Professional Dog Walker certification from WAGGLES, and is now officially a certified Dog Trainer.

Crystal has been teaching WAGGLES AGILITY since the summer of 2014, and her students always say they have so much FUN!!! By using positive reinforcement methods, she notices that the dogs are more than happy to be willing partners in the game of agility. In fact many of her students have taken her classes for years and think their dogs are happier when given a warm and fun environment like WAGGLES AGILITY to play in.

She competes, and has many titles in the fun dog sports of Agility, Dock Diving, Barn Hunt, Obedience, and Rally. All of her dogs have also been in most, if not all of the classes offered at WAGGLES. They really enjoy the family atmosphere, and both "Molly" & "Sako" would recommend the WAGGLES' programs to all their doggy friends.

Ricky, part two of the dynamic duo of Chelsea and Ricky, has his Professional Dog Walker certification from WAGGLES and currently works as a back-up dog walker. You’ll find him at WAG'n'Walks and WAG'n'Plays trying his best not to take client dogs home.

Retirement will never be the same... I have found a new most enjoyable activity, “working at WAGGLES”! I am fortunate enough to enjoy administration and doing the tasks that make our clients comfortable; all while in constant company of my furry canine friends (who are always happy to see me come to work!) They melt my heart :)

Some insist on helping me with whatever task I am doing, some inspect my work, some supervise, some like to cuddle, on my lap or snooze under my desk, while I am working on the computer and some simply come to check if I need to take a walk around the yard, maybe throw a ball for them and others like to show off their tricks!

To me, it is simply marvelous that dog owners today come and learn “how to be the best person for their dog” as a result, my new favorite thing is to see a “dog smile”! The real Bow-WOW! Who knew?

There are many “proud moments” here at WAGGLES, when one can be part of the community and observes life changing training sessions with “positive reinforcement” and to be part of the ongoing socialization programs that keeps the dogs keen. The rewards are amazing and continuous! Thank you.

Tracy: Hi, I am Tracy, one of the trainers and professional dog walkers here at WAGGLES. Myself and my dog KASH met Shar and joined the WAGGLES family in 2013 to start our training. After wanting a change in careers I left my job as a Vet Tech and began working part time at WAGGLES in 2016 helping out with dog walking and around the office. In 2017 I started assisting Shar with training and decided to work towards my professional dog training certification. I have achieved my certification in pet dog training and canine behavior therapy and love using my knowledge and skills to assist dogs and their families.

It has been so rewarding to see handlers meet their goals with their dogs and doing so with our positive methods. I am always happy to have a new client come in and tell me they were referred to WAGGLES by a past or current client and how much they have enjoyed the training. I am very lucky to have such an enriching career that is able to help so many people and dogs. I love what I do and I LOVE where I work!

Wendy: Born and raised in Alberta, settled in Red Deer and with my husband, Geoff, raised our sons, Benjamin and Riley. SCOUT (aka Girl Scout) is my third Lab, and every day with her is joy! Training at WAGGLES has allowed me to expand my understanding and appreciation of the joy of dog training, including WAGn’Learn (Levels 1-3), Agility, Rally-O, and Dock Diving!

In addition to my career as an Elementary School specialist in art, music and physical education, I have maintained my personal pursuits as a watercolour artist, an avid golfer, a lover of the outdoors, all the best ways...a foodie!

Being a part of the WAGGLES community, has gifted me not only the time to hang out with my own dog, but also the chance to meet a community of wonderful people who are dedicated dog owners.

I am a trained and professional dog walker with Waggles, and as a staff member my duties also include helping out with WAG'n’Play on Saturdays, and a few WAG'n'Walks.

Hi, I'm Glenna! I coach and teach the wonderful sport of Rally-O at WAGGLES! Lyric, a black Barbet, is my team mate. After WAG'n'Learn Level 2 & 3, Rally-O continues to build and refine training as the handler/dog team move through a signed course, demonstrating various skills.

I love that WAGGLES Academy shares my passion for fun, positive reinforcement training/learning. Every step of the way, WAGGLES is there to guide their students on a successful, bond-building journey with their dog companions!