"Blue was my beautiful Weimaraner. I only ever put him in a kennel once, because he had major separation anxiety. After 3 days in the kennels they actually took him to the vets he was so stressed out. He had lost over 10lbs by the time we got back from England. From that day on I swore I could never put him in a kennel again. For 4yrs we never had a holiday, until one day by chance I met Sharna. She offered her experience and services to help Blue to get over his anxiety.

After the first time Sharna met Blue I knew he had taken to her, she just seems to have a knack with dogs, one I have not seen in anyone else I know. We [started the program] very slowly and in a short time I could see the changes in Blue. He was no longer fretting going with Sharna, he seemed calmer and much more settled. Sharna worked with him and we went away for a weekend. When we returned, Blue was a different dog.......so relaxed and happy. I would totally recommend Sharna to anyone who has issues with their dogs.....she has a wonderful technique and understanding of dogs."

Sharon Simpson
Birchcliff, Alberta

"I met Shar last June and I just got a new Elkhound puppy. She told me she is a force-free, positive dog trainer. Being my third dog, I knew I had a “special one” on my hands! Lexi is very smart, but also very stubborn and full of energy. I knew I would need help with this one! I did some private lessons with Shar through the summer. Lexi has been a challenge to train, but with Shar’s patience and expertise, we learned a lot. Shar is a very positive calm person. Lexi is not like most dogs, so Shar was also always challenged on how to make her do the things we wanted her to do! Shar never gave up on Lexi, trying this and that! At the end of September, Lexi and I passed Level One! Yahoo! Then we took Level 2 in a group. We had a lot of fun and again, learned a lot! And guess what, we passed that level too!!! Shar is a great teacher! She knows how to have fun and learn at the same time.

Shar is a true dog lover and is awesome at what she does. You too can learn a lot from her!

Lexi is now 8 months old and is becoming a great Elkhound dog thanks to Shar’s positive program and force-free techniques!!!"

Denyse Pelletier-Frere
Red Deer, Alberta

"... I am so pleased with Lola and training has brought us so close where I feel like I am a better owner for her. I am not sure where we would be without you, Shar, and what you have done for us..."

Lola & Amy Leslie
Blackfalds, Alberta

"When we got 2 dogs from Paws and Claws Animal Rescue, we really had no idea what we were getting into. We registered for an obedience course but we were told that our dogs needed to be separated as Callie and Cleo (sisters from the same litter) were too focused on each other. We kept Callie in the course as the instructor said she was fear aggressive so we thought it would be a bigger benefit to her. We learned some leash training but needless to say the instructor had favorite dogs in the class and Callie ended up failing the course. We were too discouraged to try another class.

As time went on it got harder and to control them on walks and after going after someone on one of our walks and falling and dislocating and breaking my finger, I knew I desperately needed help. Someone at work mentioned Shar who was their dog walker at the time.

I invited Shar over to meet the girls and the rest is history. Our girls became socialized and polite and able to be taken to dog parks and walks anywhere. I found out that they were not aggressive dogs and my perception of them from that other instructor was causing them to ”protect” me on walks as they felt my fear. We have since lost Cleo but Callie still visits her Shar friend whenever she can."

Lori & Carl & Callie Kalveram
Sylvan Lake, Alberta

"Hi Shar,

Just had to share this pic with you. It's Hank & Martha's birthday today (Feb 25). Look how good they sat for a picture with their cake. "leave it" works! Yay! YOUR TRAINING WORKS!!!"

Brenda & Dave
Red Deer, Alberta

"A friend first recommended Shar and WAGGLES. We had previously attended training at another Red Deer facility which left us disappointed with the format and focus of the classes. However, from our first meeting with Shar we could see that she had a great understanding and respect for dogs. Sophie (our high spirited, yet shy doodle) thrived.

The premises were set up to allow a comfortable and safe environment for the dogs and owners. The fact that the class size was limited ensured that the dogs were kept working and challenged. If a dog showed difficulty in mastering a specific command it was helped without impeding or slowing down the training of others. Dogs and owners were never allowed to get bored. Sophie loved the training sessions and will be pleased to learn that she has now been enrolled for level 3."

Jim & Barb
Red Deer, Alberta

"We are thrilled with the choice we made to enrol our newest addition, Fergus, in puppy preschool at WAGGLES Academy for Dogs - in fact, our family worked with Shar several weeks before our baby Golden Retriever came home. Whether it was to lend an ear, answer a question, show us equipment or just share in our excitement, Shar was always supportive, ensuring we were thoroughly prepared *before* Fergus's arrival. My children have loved working with Shar and Denyse and their positivity absolutely radiates during their lessons. Compact training sessions kept us all engaged (not enraged!) and smoothed the transition into a more formal training program at a pace a young pup (and new family) can handle with confidence. Calm and relaxed in her approach, Shar is a master at not only communicating with dogs, but perhaps more importantly, with their owners, and as a mom of 3 young children I appreciate the practical advice and real world applications she and Denyse have provided us. I would whole-heartedly recommend puppy preschool for anyone wanting to build a strong, positive foundation on which to build a life-long partnership with their dogs."

Red Deer, Alberta